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Introducing The Fine Piercings Royal Edit and Unique Ear Stories from Lark & Berry

Introducing The Fine Piercings Royal Edit and Unique Ear Stories from Lark & Berry

We’re thrilled to unveil our latest collection, The Royal Edit, along with our much-anticipated “Ear Stories”. Inspired by British heritage and tradition, this launch celebrates the timeless elegance of royalty while embracing personal expression and individuality.

Lark & Berry Ear Story piercing set


In a bold move that combines luxury with philanthropy, we're proud to announce that a portion of the profits from the Royal Edit will be donated to support cancer research initiatives. It’s our way of giving back and standing in solidarity with those facing this challenging disease, reflecting our commitment to social responsibility and support for those in need.

Founder Laura Chavez shares her excitement about the Fine Piercing Royal Edit and Ear Stories: “From the grandeur of royalty to the intricacies of personal style, each piece in this collection tells a unique narrative, inviting wearers to celebrate their individuality. Whether you’re drawn to the daring Royal Rebel, the understated elegance of Quiet Luxury, or the opulent Crown Jewel, our complete sets encourage you to embrace your style and express your unique stories through your ear piercings.”

Lark & Berry Ear Story piercing set


True to our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, the Royal Edit features only ethically sourced lab-grown diamonds and stones. This dedication to responsible sourcing and craftsmanship underscores our status as a leader in the luxury jewellery industry.

The Royal Edit marks a new chapter in our legacy, blending British elegance with individual expression and social responsibility. With its range of styles and personalities, this collection offers a luxurious and meaningful way for individuals to adorn themselves while making a difference in the lives of others.

Let’s take a closer look at each of our 18 new Ear Stories – no matter which you choose, you’ll be introducing the world to a whole new you, sporting only the finest in luxury ear stacks.

The Quiet Luxury - Sublime simplicity, elegant whispers…

The new Quiet Luxury Ear Story curated look from Lark & Berry

The Quiet Luxury

The Quiet Luxury ear story embodies the essence of refined grace and understated elegance. Perfect for those who appreciate the sophistication in minimalism, this range offers exquisite designs that speak softly but leave a lasting impression.

The Royal Rebel - Crown your spirit, unleash your edge…

The new Royal Rebel Ear Story curated look from Lark & Berry

 The Royal Rebel

The Royal Rebel ear story dares you to redefine aristocracy. Crafted for the avant-garde soul who weaves together the threads of tradition and rebellion, this selection celebrates the fusion of timeless elegance with a contemporary twist.

The Travelling Duchess - Journey in elegance, venture with grace…

The new Travelling Duchess Ear Story curated look from Lark & Berry

The Travelling Duchess

With The Travelling Duchess ear story, adventure beckons to the elegant explorer. With every piece, this selection celebrates the sophistication of worldly travels and the spirit of adventure.

The English Rose - Blossom in grace, flourish in charm…

The new English Rose Ear Story curated look from Lark & Berry

The English Rose

The English Rose ear story invites you to embrace the gentle strength and graceful charm of the countryside. Inspired by the serene beauty of English gardens, this range is perfect for those who appreciate the delicate balance of nature as artistry and the subtle elegance of floral-inspired piercings.

The Beach Goddess - Bask in sunshine, embrace the breeze…

The new Beach Goddess Ear Story curated look from Lark & Berry

The Beach Goddess

The Beach Goddess ear story is your ticket to endless summer vibes, capturing the carefree spirit and sun-kissed glow of life by the sea - perfect for those who find their peace under the sun. This selection brings the warmth of the beach straight to your style.

The High Tea Time - Sophisticated elegance, timeless charm…

The new High Tea Time Ear Story curated look from Lark & Berry

The High Tea Time

The High Tea Time ear story is designed for the sophisticated individual attending the classic afternoon tea, embodying the elegance and poise of the occasion. This collection, with its refined, understated pieces, complements the formal yet relaxed atmosphere of high tea.

The Ethereal Serenity - Whispering winds, timeless tranquillity…

The new Ethereal Serenity Ear Story curated look from Lark & Berry

The Ethereal Serenity

The Ethereal Serenity ear story draws inspiration from the effortless grace and peaceful composure of its muse, crafted for those who embody calmness and poise. This range features delicate, flowing designs that mirror the natural elegance of wind-swept hair and a relaxed demeanor.

The Eden - Natural mystique, divine beauty…

The new Eden Ear Story curated look from Lark & Berry

The Eden

This ear story draws inspiration from the lush, untamed beauty of the Garden of Eden, encapsulating the allure of paradise lost… but not forgotten. This range celebrates the symbolic elements of the garden, the seductive curves of the serpent, the delicate veins of leaves, and the radiant warmth of our Sun.

The Crown Jewel - A realm of rarity, a legacy of sophistication…

The new Crown Jewel Ear Story curated look from Lark & Berry

The Crown Jewel

Enter the world of The Crown Jewel, where every piece is a testament to the extraordinary. This ear story is the epitome of sophistication and rarity, designed for the discerning individual whose presence commands admiration.

The Corporate Chic - Sleek elegance, assertive style…

The new Corporate Chic Ear Story curated look from Lark & Berry

The Corporate Chic

The Corporate Chic ear story is designed for the modern professional woman, offering her sleek, minimalist designs that blend sophistication with a statement of strength. Perfect for those who lead with confidence in the corporate world, each piece accentuates a polished look with refined beauty, making every day an opportunity to impress.

The Astral Queen - Soar through stardust, reign over the cosmos…

The new Astral Queen Ear Story curated look from Lark & Berry

The Astral Queen

The Astral Queen ear story invites you to embrace the majesty of the universe and the mystery of the stars. Crafted for those who draw power from the night sky and see their destinations written in the constellations, it’s a selection merging celestial beauty with regal elegance.

The Bridal Muse - Inspired elegance, dreamy whispers…

The new Bridal Muse Ear Story curated look from Lark & Berry

The Bridal Muse

The Bridal Muse ear story is a celebration of the music in every bride, blending dreamlike beauty with a touch of whimsical grace. Designed for the bride who is an inspiration, whose presence is as captivating as her love story, this range offers ethereal designs that enhance the natural glow of her special day.

The Colourful Connoisseur -A wondrous palette of personality, crowned in colour…

The new Colourful Connoisseur Ear Story curated look from Lark & Berry

Colourful Connoisseur

Embrace the splendour of the Colourful Connoisseur ear story, where each piece is a testament to the art of vibrant life. Designed for the distinguished individual who wears their uniqueness in colours, this selection celebrates the richness of colour and the boldness of noble expression.

The St. Tropez - Sun-kissed elegance, Riviera chic…

The new St. Tropez Ear Story curated look from Lark & Berry

The St. Tropez

This ear story draws inspiration from the radiant glamour and effortless style of the French Riviera, tailored for those who bask in the glow of the sun and live by the rhythm of the waves. This range embodies the luxurious yet laid-back essence of St. Tropez.

The Twilight Temptress - Dusk till dawn elegance, mystic charm…

The new Twilight Temptress Ear Story curated look from Lark & Berry

The Twilight Temptress

The Twilight Temptress ear story is curated for the enchantress of the evening whose style shines brightest under the moon’s glow. Designed for the life of the party, this range celebrates the magnetic allure of nightfall with pieces that sparkle and seduce.

The Rockstar - Glamour meets grit, luxury with an edge…

The Rockstar

This ear story embodies the high energy, bold spirit of rock music, while infusing it with the unmistakable sheen of luxury. Tailored for those who live to stand out, this range harmonises the raw, rebellious vibe of a rockstar with the refined elegance of high-end jewellery.

The Self-Made - Craft your distinction, forge your style…

Welcome to The Self-Made signature ear story, where your imagination is the blueprint for brilliance. This range is a celebration of personal expression and the power of individual creation. Ideal for the innovators, the dreamers, and those who walk their unique path it offers the ultimate canvas for you to express your distinct style.


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